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Former and Current DI Affiliates Receive CEU PhD Awards

We are happy to share that three of our current and former affiliates, Ruth Gazso Candlish, Daragh John Hamilton and Anna Eva Grutza are among the recipients of the 2024 CEU Phd Awards.

The doctoral awards recognize outstanding performance in research in the case of advanced students, and in coursework and comprehensive exams in the case of first year students. The awardees have been selected by the University Doctoral Committee.

PhD awards

Ruth Gazso Candlish, who is working on her PhD at the Doctoral School of Political Science Public Policy and International Relation, Public Policy Track, is a research affiliate in our Inequalities and Democracy Workgroup. Daragh Hamilton is a PhD candidate at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU, and a junior research affiliate in our Environment and Democracy Workgroup. Anna Grutza, a PhD Candidate in Comparative History at CEU, is one of our former OSUN doctoral fellows.


Research areas: