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Sarah Ganty and Karin De Vries: Non-discrimination in European Social Security Law: Exploring Safeguards Against Gender and Racial Discrimination

The Court of Justice of the EU has often taken an active role in developing case law on gender discrimination in relation to social security, a role that it has not played to the same extent where discrimination on the ground of racial or ethnic origin is concerned, our Research Fellow Sarah Ganty and Karin de Vries write in the latest CEU DI Working Paper.

The paper addresses the principle of non-discrimination as a principle of European social security law. It focuses on discrimination on the grounds of race and gender, two axes of inequality that, despite many efforts to the contrary, continue to pervade legal and social relations in all Member States including in the field of social security.

Discussing gender and racial discrimination together in one paper allows the authors to
compare the respective legal frameworks and to point out the different speeds with
which they are developing.

Research areas:
Download the paper (972.52 KB)