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Garvan Walshe on the Judiciary in Israel and Hungary

“The judiciary needs to strike down Netanyahu’s judicial reform before he turns Israel into a sham democracy—just as Viktor Orban did in Hungary,” our Research Affiliate Garvan Walshe argues in Foreign Policy.

“Fake democracies take power by controlling who gives orders to public officials,” he writes, adding that “when the people elected to make the law ignore that distinction and execute the laws they would like to have rather than the ones that exist, it amounts corruption or malpractice, and the judiciary is supposed to hold wayward officials to account.”

“The power is in the court’s hands: When it hears the case, it will be the last constitutional bulwark of democracy in Israel. It is the court that must decide whether to hand over power to Netanyahu or order him to cease his attacks on Israeli democracy,” he writes.

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Photo: Facebook / The Prime Minister of Israel
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