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Georgiana Turculet: Academics Stuck in Movement Amidst Precarity, Hypermobility, and Vulnerability

In her chapter in Academic Freedom and Precarity in the Global North our Research Affiliate Georgiana Turculet raises several normative questions around the phenomenon of being stuck in movement, which are underexamined in the literature of ethics of migration.

She argues that internationally mobile, precarious academics in contemporary academia in the Global North get ‘stuck in movement’ because of specific hypermobility trends, which are promoted as a successful way of academic life, coupled with managerial policies and global market dynamics. Those stuck in movement lose a sense of willpower and decision-making over their own lives. Some are argued to suffer setbacks in their autonomy and capacities that are not dissimilar from those suffered by members of groups normally recognized as disadvantaged, such as economic migrants.

With contributions from six leading scientific countries of the Global North and from the general European Higher Education Area, the volume itself questions the predominant view on academic freedom and pleads for a holistic approach.

Learn more about the book here.

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