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Georgiana Turculet: Gender Research at the Nexus of the Social Sciences and Humanities

Our Research Affiliate Georgiana Turculet was lead guest editor for the Special Issue "Gender Research at the Nexus of the Social Sciences and Humanities."

The Special Issue brings together contributions on topics such as gender disparities in academia and Covid-19, conceptions of gender, gender stereotyping, choices, and systems of self-belief, gender and mobility, gender and diversity, hostile sexism and the rise of #MeToo, sociopolitics and underlying gender schemas, gender myths, biases and stereotypes, policies and/or affirmative action, gendered career trajectories—e.g., bottlenecks, glass ceilings; hiring practices; tokenism; gender pay gaps, gender and the morality of discrimination, Feminism and intersectional justice.

The Special Issue was published within the framework of the “On Just Movement: A study of Ethics and Big Data about restrictions in human movement” project.

Learn more about it here.

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