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Hungarian Media Covers Bibo Debate

The Hungarian-language debate on clemency, organized by our Istvan Bibo Free University, received extensive coverage in Hungarian media.

The panelists discussed issues like how the institution of clemency affects the separation of powers, what constitutes good and bad practice from a constitutional point of view, and what pardon practices exist in other countries, among many others.

What has just happened in the Budahazy case is similar to the Russian model of outsourcing state violence to terrorist or semi-terrorist groups, and "here again we see this Russian model being implemented with all its moral and security consequences, and everyone should be aware of this," Telex quotes historian Krisztian Ungvary in its summary.

Fidesz has turned back to the far right in the last few months, because it can't really win back voters among the moderates, and this pardon issue can be "put in that box," researcher Andras Pulai argued, according to Telex.

“I have not seen a pardon decision with such content since the regime change," Professor of Law Mihaly Toth said. As Nepszava writes, the President, while deciding to suspend the prison sentence, did not touch the ban on public office. However, disqualification from public office cannot be imposed with a suspended sentence.

Read the summary by Szabad Europa here.

Watch the debate (in Hungarian):

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