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Zsolt Enyedi: Illiberal Conservatism, Civilizationalist Ethnocentrism, and Paternalist Populism in Orban’s Hungary

In the latest publication of the CEU DI Working Paper series, our Senior Research Fellow Zsolt Enyedi argues for an ideology-centered interpretation of the Orban regime.

He proposes that those regimes that promote a particular worldview through their signatory policies and discourse, advantage a well-defined set of values through the allocation of resources, and enact policies on key ideological objectives with long-lasting impact should be considered ideological.

In addition to demonstrating that Hungary after 2010 satisfies these criteria, he identifies the principal ideological modules of the regime: illiberal conservatism, civilizationist ethnocentrism, and paternalist populism.

Download the paper via the link below.

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