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Jennifer McCoy on How 21st Century Autocrats Can Be Removed From Power

“Is it possible to interrupt the march of autocracy around the globe?” – our Research Affiliate Jennifer McCoy and her co-author Murat Somer write on

“The landslide victory of Hungary’s Fidesz party under Prime Minister Viktor Orban on April 3rd raises new questions on how to stop democratic backsliding,” they write, adding that “political oppositions in Turkey and Poland are attempting to form similar coalitions for the upcoming elections in 2023 and can learn from Hungary’s experience.”

“Democratic oppositions and international actors must radically rethink their politics and strategies. International actors must call out authoritarianism and offer principled resistance as soon as signs of democratic backsliding occur, and domestic oppositions must work to develop novel strategies and be prepared to take advantage of unexpected shocks making entrenched backsliders vulnerable,” they argue.

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Photo: Facebook / Orban Viktor
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