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Armin Langer, Zoltan Adam and Andras Bozoki: Religion and Authoritarian Legitimacy

In a new book chapter co-authored with Armin Langer and Zoltan Adam, our Research Affiliate Andras Bozoki analyzed the Pentecostal Faith Church's links to the Orban regime.

The chapter entitled Religion and Authoritarian Legitimacy: The Hungarian Pentecostal Faith Church was published in 2023 in the volume The Christian Right in Europe: Movements, Networks, Denominations, edited by Gionathan Lo Mascolo, published by Transcript Verlag.

In the chapter, the authors provide a summary of the political and religious landscape of Hungary, as well as a description of the political role and status of large Christian denominations in the country. This is followed by a history of the Faith Church and an analysis of its political role as an increasingly vocal supporter of the regime.

"The rise of Faith Church can be understood as a political experiment by the authoritarian populist regime," the authors argue, claiming, "the authoritarian state used a congregation struggling for established church status for its own political ends." They see the Faith Church as an example "to illustrate the trajectory of Christian nationalism in Hungary, in which an ideologically radicalized version of Christianity is being instrumentally used by an increasingly authoritarian, yet popularly elected political regime."

The volume is open access, and available here.


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