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Laszlo Bruszt on the Budapest Forum

“Cities won’t solve the problems of authoritarian systems themselves,” our Co-Director Laszlo Bruszt said to the Hungarian Klubradio about the Budapest Forum for Building Sustainable Democracies.

Nevertheless, they provide opportunities to experiment with new kinds of policy-making, with finding new solutions to problems, in a way that people would find it valuable regardless of their political views, he added.

The aim of the two-day conference was to bring together domestic and foreign experts, journalists, activists and policymakers, and to provide a forum for strategic thinking on the pivotal political, social, economic, and environmental transformations of our era affecting Hungary, the wider region and the whole world.

Authoritarian systems don’t provide a space for solving problems, Laszlo Bruszt continued. The cities, however, have to perform, and maybe they will produce politicians who, instead of talking about who is “a greater Hungarian,” will finally focus on public policy issues like healthcare and education, he added.

Listen to the full report (in Hungarian) here.