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Laszlo Kontler on CEU in Budapest

“Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we cannot populate this beautiful and modern environment with our own students,” our Research Affiliate Laszlo Kontler, CEU’s Pro-Rector for Budapest said to Nepszava.

He talked about why CEU decided to expand access to its library in Budapest. “Universities and research institutes in Hungary announced around November that they would close for the winter months to save energy. As we had not planned to do so, we immediately thought of offering this opportunity to our colleagues and students in Hungary on a long-term basis,” he explained.

“The modern, spacious spaces of the CEU building are perfect for in-depth research, but also for socializing. The building is also currently hosting a number of events and programs," he argued, adding that “since the move to Vienna, the university's management has been constantly reflecting on what activities we can pursue in Budapest. The maintenance of the building complex is also very costly, which is partly solved by renting out space.”

He also talked about the Invisible University for Ukraine. “With Ukrainian higher education shattered by bombing, many initiatives around the world are trying to help by offering shelter to teachers, researchers and students. We are thinking of those who cannot or do not want to leave the country, which will need them after the war,” he said, noting that “it is a moving experience to attend lectures, which Ukrainian young people often register for from the shelters. The class can hardly be finished because of the active participation, the students are very grateful, while we can be grateful to be shown that what we are doing is necessary and meaningful.”

Read the full article (in Hungarian) here.

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