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Laura Rahm: Policy Transfer in Global Programs: A Comparative Analysis of Select Countries in Asia and the Caucasus

“Global programs are crucial actors in transnational policy transfer but understudied in literature,” our Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow Laura Rahm writes in her article in the Special Issue of Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice.

The paper explores Global Programs (GP) policy transfer in terms of instruments, space, and time from a comparative perspective. Employing a thematic analysis of policy/program files and using the GP to prevent gender-biased sex selection as a case study, the paper compares implementation across diverse countries and regions. It finds similar policies and ideas are transferred, across scales, sectors, and actors throughout the policy cycle.

“Yet short program cycles contradict longer timeframes needed to assess sex-selection policies and interventions to change social norms,” Laura Rahm argues.

Read the full article here.

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