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Gabor Simonovits, Jennifer McCoy, Levente Littvay: Democratic Hypocrisy and Out-group Threat: Explaining Citizen Support for Democratic Erosion

“Individual support for norm-eroding policies increases when their own party is in power,” our Research Affiliate Levente Littvay, Gabor Simonovits (CEU Department of Political Science) and Jennifer McCoy (Georgia State University) write in their article to be published in The Journal of Politics.

“With widespread democratic backsliding globally, people’s support for democracy-eroding leaders is receiving overdue attention. But existing studies have a difficulty disentangling contextual efforts (such as who is in power at the time of the survey) from individual differences (like which party one supports ad how strongly),” the authors write.

They propose “a novel survey experimental design to strip away the political context through hypothetical scenarios,” which allows to identify “citizens’ differential support for democratic norms when their own party is in vs out of power.”

“Our survey indicate a large degree of democratic hypocrisy among the American public,” they write.

Read the full article here.

Photo: AJ Colores / Unsplash
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