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Levente Littvay Receives the Giovanni Sartori Prize

We are happy to announce that, together with Federico Vegetti, our Research Affiliate Levente Littvay received the Italian Society of Political Science’s (SISP) Giovanni Sartori Prize for the best article published in the previous year in the association's journal. The prize was announced at the SISP annual meeting in Vienna.


The article, entitled Belief in Conspiracy Theories and Attitudes Toward Political Violence investigates the association between people's belief in conspiracies and their propensity to endorse political violence or to legitimate radical political action. Building on pathway theories of radicalization, the authors argue that conspiracy theories provide narratives that might help people channel their feelings of resentment toward political targets, fueling radical attitudes. They observe attitudes toward political violence using two multi-item batteries, one developed by them. The results show that people who score higher on a scale of generic conspiracy belief are also more likely to endorse violent political actions.

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