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Marius Dragomir on the Hungarian Media Situation and the Election Campaign

“Orban knows that many Hungarians are against the war, and he balances: the state media spread pro-Russian propaganda while he speaks against the war in general, but not against Putin,” Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society told Spanish newspaper El Diario about the election campaign.

The article, published ahead of the Hungarian elections on Sunday, discusses why Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was expected to win yet again.

Marius Dragomir explained the steps through which the Hungarian government, starting in 2010, have captured the media to use them in the election campaign.

The campaign coincided with the war in Ukraine, revealing how the government propaganda machinery works, the article explains. Marius Dragomir says the state media have spread pro-Russian propaganda since the first days of the war, while Orban himself have been speaking out against the war in a kind of balancing act.

Read the full article (in Spanish) here.

Photo by I Do Nothing But Love on Unsplash
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