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Marius Dragomir on Media Capture in Hungary

“As soon as Fidesz won the elections in 2010, they embarked on this process of achieving media capture in the country,” Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society told RFE/RL. He was interviewed for an article about Partizan, a Hungarian online television channel trying to break the government’s media bubble.

Marius Dragomir called it a "step by step" process of “gaining control over regulatory authorities, including those in charge of broadcast licenses; the public and state media system; public resources to fund media directly or through advertising; and eventually even private ownership of media outlets.” By now, Hungary is “a textbook case” of media capture, he said.

He rejected the “image of legality” of the media takeover, prominent in pro-Fidesz narratives. “If you really understand and look at all these companies, you will see that they are all connected, that there is a ring of oligarchs supporting Orban for almost a decade. And if you look at the editorial coverage, to ensure their success in elections, it has been overwhelmingly pro-Fidesz during all this,” he argued.

He also pointed to a handful of very small independent local media outlets run by journalists who wanted to preserve their independence.

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Photo: Facebook / Orbán Viktor
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