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Martin Krygier: Domestic Abuse: Populists and the Rule of Law

Many populist regimes “insist that they are true upholders of the rule of law, which must be rescued from those who have kidnapped it,” our Senior Research Fellow Martin Krygier writes in his post for the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM).

“Populism and the rule of law have had renewed careers in recent decades—the rule of law in the last three, populism over the last one. Both have gone global and they have come to compete in many of the same spaces,” he argues.

The article examines their relationships. It concludes that “contemporary populist regimes subject the rule of law to systematic abuse, vulgar and refined. Interestingly, a favored vehicle for both varieties of abuse of the rule of law is law.”

Read the full article here.

Cover photo: Flickr / Kancelaria Premiera
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