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New Book by Balint Magyar and Balint Madlovics

We are happy to announce that the new book of our Senior Research Fellow Balint Magyar and Junior Research Fellow Balint Madlovics has been published by CEU Press.

The authors’ previous work, The Anatomy of Post-Communist Regimes (CEU Press, 2020; already published in Hungarian and Russian as well, upcoming in Spanish and Romanian) within the frame of a new paradigm created a new descriptive language for post-communist regimes. In spite of it being available open access in English, the need arose for a shorter, more compressed version for a wider public. This need is answered by A Concise Field Guide to Post-Communist Regimes, published in English now and to be published in Hungarian, German, and Polish in the near future as well.

In 120 propositions and 12 country studies, the Concise Field Guide offers a comprehensive conceptual ‘toolkit’ for analyzing a region where the latest cruel events of Russia’s war against Ukraine call for a better understanding of the real nature of post-communist regimes.

“My pronounced aim with the book was to make a provocative challenge to the mainstream comparative paradigm of post-communist regimes,” Balint Magyar said. “Making a short summary of the conceptual framework we had constructed was a difficult and fascinating challenge—how to be brief and clear while not sacrificing the complexity of the analysis. Meeting this aim was a highly educative experience, and the result is rather useful for my university course as well where I have to introduce students to the world of post-communism,” Balint Madlovics added.

Learn more about the book here.

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