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Dorottya Redai, Maria Tsouroufli: Gender Equality and Stereotyping in Secondary Schools

We are happy the announce that the volume edited by Maria Tsouroufli (Brunel University, London) and our Research Fellow Dorottya Redai has been published by Palgrave.

This book explores gender stereotyping and gender inequalities in secondary education in England, Hungary and Italy. The authors highlight the importance of addressing student and teacher attitudes if long-term changes in mindset are desired, as well as the underlying stereotypes that persist and linger in these educational contexts. Promoting a whole-school culture change approach, this book explores views of gender stereotypes from teachers and students concerning subject and career choices, as well as collaborative work with teachers, experts and NGOs in implementing and evaluating gender equality charters. Drawing on extensive research, this book employs an intersectional and cross-country approach: while the authors acknowledge the challenges and opportunities of researching gender equality frameworks across different countries, ultimately these link to the UN Sustainable Development goal of gender equality.

Dorottya Redai also co-authored the chapter “Post-Socialist Gender Regimes and Controversial Ideas About Gender Equality in Hungarian Schools.”

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