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Marek Hojsik, Georgeta Munteanu and Violetta Zentai (eds.): From the Shadow to the Limelight: The Value of Civil Society Policy Monitoring Knowledge in Roma Equality Struggles

The volume, edited by Violetta Zentai (Lead Researcher of the Inequalities and Democracy Workgroup), Marek Hojsik and Georgeta Munteanu, provides critical reflections on contemporary practices of civil society monitoring of policy formation and implementation in the field of Roma equality across Europe.

The chapters presenting critical insights in the Roma Civil Monitor 2017-2020 project were written by activists, experts, and scholars who contributed to the initiative in various forms and ventured to craft ideas in collaborative authorship. Contributors discuss the co-production of policy monitoring knowledge to a variety of audiences by working across different platforms, alliances, and modes of articulating critical reflections.

Download the e-book here.

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