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CEU protest

New Podcast on Academic Freedom and the Crisis of Democracy

“Democracy in Europe faces major challenges, so it’s essential for universities to work together, act as places of social exchange and encourage and enable their students to produce active civic contribution,” Christian Freudlsperger, postdoctoral researcher at the Hertie School said in a podcast on the European University alliances, hosted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). He also talks about the Democracy Institute in the podcast.

Hertie School and the CEU Democracy Institute are both founding members of CIVICA, a pan-European collaborative of leading universities jointly seeking solutions to European and global social, economic, and political challenges—from climate change to aging populations and slowing economies—via Europe-wide teaching, civic engagement, and research.

You can listen to the podcast (in German) here. The part about the Democracy Institute begins at around 13:00.

Cover photo: Flickr / greensefa