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New Project for Research Incubation and Education on “Democracy and Development”

We are happy to announce that the CEU Democracy Institute is launching a new project financed by the Open Society University Network to provide a platform for creative and critical collaboration between scholars from the Global South and the Global North with a focus on Democracy and Development.

The project is designed as a collaborative and integrative effort among multiple OSUN institutions and partners in four continents. It mobilizes the existing capacities and resources of the OSUN network in research and education. The project partners co-create an inclusive collaborative global platform to confront a series of conceptual and policy-relevant challenges that are associated with reviving and reclaiming democracy. The project will establish and support four region- and theme-specific research incubation hubs on Democratizing the Developmental State (South Africa); Exclusionary Regimes and Autocratization (Sri Lanka); New Patterns of Mobilization for and against Democracy (Colombia); and Populism and Ideology (Hungary).  

The project is designed to last for three years. It is led Laszlo Bruszt, the DI’s Co-director, with OSUN Post-doctoral Fellow David Karas serving as academic coordinator.