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Barbara Grabowska-Moroz: The Pegasus scandal in Poland – between old problems with state surveillance and the current rule of law crisis

Our Post-doctoral Research Fellow Barbara Grabowska-Moroz calls for the transformation of captured institutions in her analysis of the Pegasus scandal in Poland in a new piece for about:intel - European Voices on Surveillance.

Describing the "Polish Watergate," the revelations concerning surveillance of political figures in Poland via the Pegasus spyware by Polish security organizations, she points out that the legal system in Poland has never offered any effective legal remedy against illegal state surveillance.

"There will be no effective oversight of the surveillance state powers without independent and expert institutions. That is why, in the Polish context, dealing with the rule of law crisis – meaning the transformation of captured institutions into independent bodies capable of providing effective legal remedies – stands out as a key factor in enhancing oversight of intelligence services and investigating the Pegasus scandal."

Read the article here.


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