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Peter Rado on the Hungarian Education System

“It would take at least 16 years to get Hungarian education back to where it was in 2009,” our Research Affiliate Peter Rado said in an interview with

Education governance is driven by political agendas, he said. He believes that the government cannot solve the problems of education in the current centralized, bureaucratic system even if it wanted to.

The school still fulfills the function of childcare, and there is some kind of activity that looks like teaching, but Hungarian education is no longer able to do what we expect it to do: being future-oriented, preparing people leaving formal education with the skills and competences they will need in fifteen or twenty years' time, he argued, adding that Hungarian educations also fails to maintain the cohesion of society, to prevent brutal inequalities and to give those born into low-status families a chance.

Read the full interview (in Hungarian, subscription may be required) here.

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