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Petra Bard, Dimitry Kochenov: War as a Pretext To Wave the Rule of Law Goodbye? The Case for an EU Constitutional Awakening

“The Russian aggression against Ukraine has also served as a pretext for putting aside internal discussions about the rule of law,” our researchers Petra Bard and Dimitry Kochenov write in their article in European Law Journal.

“The war in Ukraine triggered significant changes at the European Union level. The speed at which the EU has achieved progress on sanctions, migration and defense is particularly impressive,” they write, but also note that it “provided additional political rationales for inaction against Member State governments responsible for the violation of European values, as well as triggered the deepening of double standards in several fields.”

They argue that “using this crisis as a justification for further inaction in the context of EU values is not a sustainable course of action. The Union must not delay further the need to act to halt the insidious erosion of democracy and the rule of law within its own borders both at the national and supranational level.”

Read the full paper here.

Photo: European Union, 2022 / Dati Bendo
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