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Zoltan Fleck, Nora Chronowski, Petra Bard: The Crisis of the Rule of Law, Democracy and Fundamental Rights in Hungary

“The EU is harboring a Member State which, through a method of abusive constitutionalism, is not a constitutional democracy anymore,” our Research Affiliate Petra Bard and co-authors Zoltan Fleck and Nora Chronowski write in their paper, published in MTA Law Working Papers.

As they argue, “systemic violations of the Rule of Law are part of its governance, to the detriment of democracy and the well-being of its citizens. Crucially, this Member State could not join the EU, was it to apply today.”

“This reality has dire consequences not only for the well-being of Hungarian citizens, but also for the entire European project. Accordingly, reinforcing existing constitutional principles within the EU, as well as formulating new ones, is paramount: i.e. to be able to respond effectively to Rule of Law violations and improve EU’s enforcement,” they continue.

Read the full paper here.

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