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Petra Bard on the EU and Hungary

“As long as European citizens do not feel that the situation of the rule of law in Hungary is also their concern, politicians will not feel the need to act,” our Research Affiliate Petra Bard said to Jelen.

She argued that the European Commission has a suspicious attitude towards the Hungarian government, and not without reason, because what the government is doing is fraud, yet in the last 12 years it has found that everything can be got away with.

She also pointed out that what happened with the Erasmus+ program is not a sanction, but a legal consequence.

“The Commission owes it a great debt for not explaining what is happening. Unfortunately, the European institutions have a major shortcoming in that they do not communicate with European citizens. This is very evident when it comes to Hungary or Poland,” she said.

Read the full interview (in Hungarian, subscription may be required) here.

Photo: European Union, 2023 / Xavier Lejeune
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