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Petra Bard on the Hungarian Constitutional Court’s Decision That Avoids EU Conflict

The decision of the Hungarian Constitutional Court "shifted the responsibility back to the government to oppose EU law, if they wish to do so," our Research Affiliate, Petra Bard said to AFP.

The article covers a ruling by the court, which rejected a bid by the government to challenge an EU court ruling against the country’s asylum policy, but also said that the government can act to protect Hungary’s sovereignty.

“Unlike its Polish counterpart the Hungarian constitutional court refused (…) to enter into an open conflict with the EU," said Petra Bard, adding that the ruling still “offered lots of ammunition to the government to continue its illegal practices, contending that migration is a shared competence and if the EU is silent on a matter or if a piece of EU law is not effective, the national authorities can step in."

"The court however failed to make clear that in the exercise of these residual competences the national legislation must not contradict EU law," she continued.

The AFP story has been republished by many news outlets all over the world, including Financial Times, International Business Times, France24, Breitbart and RTL Luxembourg.

Read the full article here.

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