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Petra Bard: Rule of Law Backsliding in the European Union

“Continuous Rule of Law backsliding in the Member States and the EU institutions’ lack of willingness to stop this trend show the ugly face of the European Union – and there is no portrait in the attic,” Petra Bard and her co-authors, Barbara Grabowska-Moroz and Viktor Zoltan Kazai write in their article published as part of RECONNECT, a four-year multidisciplinary research project on ‘Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and the Rule of Law’, aimed at understanding and providing solutions to the recent challenges faced by the EU.

“European stakeholders must realize that the systemic violation of the Rule of Law threatens the European legal order as a whole,” the authors emphasize, adding that “it cannot simply be regarded as a political dispute with a few rogue Member States. The EU already has both the competence and the necessary tools to enforce the Rule of Law and furthermore there are several ways to improve the system.”

You may read the full article, ‘Rule of Law Backsliding in the European Union Lessons from the Past, Recommendations for the Future’ here.

Photo by Guillaume Périgois on Unsplash
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