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Gábor Petri, Erika Hruskó: A fogyatékosügyi mozgalom részvétele a szakpolitikákban 1998 óta Magyarországon (The participation of the the disabled people’s movement in policy making since 1998 in Hungary)

A new paper by our former OSUN Post-doctoral Fellow Gábor Petri and Erika Hruskó has been published in the Hungarian journal Szociológiai Szemle, discussing the participation of the disabled people’s movement in policy-making since 1998 in Hungary, in the context of an eroding democracy where space for civil society advocacy is shrinking.

The study shows that the Hungarian disability movement’s involvement in policy making has shrunk markedly over the last decade. Consultative platforms have been hollowed out, and disability advocacy organizations often self-censor their public statements in fear of government response. The movement has become fragmented. The government’s policy mechanism has shifted away from the human rights approach. The movement’s access to the media and access to independent human rights bodies have also shrunk, the authors write.

The research and the study were supported by the Open Society University Network and the CEU Democracy Institute.

Read the paper here (in Hungarian).

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