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Roma Civil Monitor Project Presents in the European Parliament

The Roma Civil Monitor project’s first monitoring cycle has been completed, and reports on the quality of the Member States’ new NRSFs are now available. In addition, an RCM synthesis report that summarizes findings from the RCM country reports served as one of the sources of the 2022 EC Communication that assesses the new NRSFs. Therefore, the upcoming Roma Week is an appropriate opportunity to present selected findings from the RCM’s first monitoring cycle.

Following consultation with the partners implementing the RCM and agreement with the EC, the event will focus on two topics:

  1. Participation of Roma civil society in the development of the new NRSF and its potential impact on systematically improving Roma civil society’s participation in policymaking.
  2. Improving the access of Roma to housing with a particular focus on desegregation is one of the areas where the RCM’s ex-ante assessment of new NRSFs identified several weaknesses, including a failure to eliminate residential segregation in isolated rural settlements or urban ghettos. Without tackling such problems, successful Roma inclusion is not realistic. Yet, despite the gravity of this problem, only a few Member States have tackled these issues in their NRSFs.

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