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Russia vs. the West and the New Politics of Hybrid War

With Europe abuzz with talk of war in Ukraine, Prof. Mitchell A. Orenstein, Professor and Chair of Russian and East European Studies at University of Pennsylvania and Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, explores geopolitical conflict between Russia and the West over The Lands in Between, the title of his 2019 book with Oxford University Press. Since at least 2007, Russia and the West have engaged in a tug of war over countries perched in between, a conflict fought sometimes with military force, but more often by covert means, hacking, disinformation, and other tools of hybrid war. Though this conflict has been going on for more than a decade, many do not see or want to believe it is happening. Now that people perceive open conflict, this talk explained the rules of this new hybrid war and how it affects countries like Ukraine and those within the European Union.

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