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Sarah Ganty: Integration Duties in the European Union: Four Models

“Integration is becoming increasingly important in law, due to the growing involvement of the legislative, executive and judicial powers at European, national, regional and local levels,” our Research Affiliate Sarah Ganty writes in Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law.

“This phenomenon concerns third-country nationals and EU citizens, despite the fundamentally different legal regimes applicable to these groups,” she continues.

The article discusses “the expansion of integration obligations and conditions or integration duties and the different legal mechanisms which they are based on,” and proposes four conditions based integration models likely to be found in EU law and national laws: the symbolic model, the meritocratic model, the activation model and the selective model.

“From a legal perspective, identifying these integration mechanisms is essential for assessing compliance with fundamental rights and EU law,” Sarah Ganty writes, adding that “such a typology is likely to help researchers, policy-makers and the public obtain a better sense of how the conception of integration evolves in our societies and in the legal field in particular.”

Read the full article here.

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