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Stephen Stec on Russian Environmental Crimes in Ukraine

“Ukraine reminds us that wars are amongst the worst things that can happen not just to mankind, but also to nature,” Stephen Stec, Lead Researcher of our Environment and Democracy Workgroup and his 14 co-authors write in an op-ed in EUobserver.

“The brutality of the Russian Federation's military invasion of Ukraine has brought with it terrible humanitarian consequences and serious environmental harm,” they write, and argue that “as with the successful Marshall Plan after World War II, it is important to lay down the foundation of the Ukrainian plan well in advance. Equally important is that the post-war recovery be done sustainably.”

“Ukraine's future should be as green as possible,” the authors state.

 “As the ICC celebrates the 20th anniversary of the entry into force of the Rome Statute, it is presented with an opportunity to invoke for the first time the only provision addressing environmental crimes in the Statute under War Crimes, article 8(2)(b)(iv). Ukraine should also take the overdue step of acceding to the Rome Statute,” they write.

“While the international community has a responsibility to aid Ukraine in its sustainable recovery plan, it must not overlook its obligation to invoke and, when necessary, reinforce international environmental norms and legal mechanisms to hold the perpetrators accountable,” the authors conclude.

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Photo: Facebook / ДСНС України
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