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Mark Tushnet, Dimitry Kochenov (eds.): Research Handbook on the Politics of Constitutional Law

This book, edited by Mark Tushnet (Harvard) and Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher of our Rule of Law Workgroup, published by Edward Elgar, deals with the politics of constitutional law around the world, using both comparative and political analysis, delivering global treatment of the politics of constitutional law across issues, regions and legal systems. Offering an innovative, critical approach to an array of key concepts and topics, this book will be a key resource for legal scholars and political science scholars. Students with interests in law and politics, constitutions, legal theory and public policy will also find this a beneficial companion.

In addition to co-authoring the Introduction, Dimitry Kochenov also wrote the chapter "Abstract citizenship in the age of concrete human rights."

Several researchers from the our Rule of Law Workgroup have contributed to the volume. Senior Research Fellow Martin Krygier authored the chapter "The ideal of the rule of law and private power." Senior Research Fellow and CEU Professor András Sajó wrote the chapter "Emotions in constitutional law." Post-doctoral Research Fellow Elena Basheska authored the chapter "The politics of constitutionalisation of international law: The United Nations sovereign (in)equality of states, good neighbourliness and use of force." CEU Doctoral Fellow Mariam Begadze wrote the chapter "Pretext as a legal matter." CEU Research Affiliate / Research Incubation Fellow Sarah Ganty is the author of the chapter "The constitutional politics of merit." CEU Research Affiliate Petra Bárd co-authored the chapter on "Use, misuse and abuse of constitutional identity in Europe." CEU Research Affiliate Violeta Beširević wrote the chapter "Militant democracy: a friend or enemy of democratic backsliding?" 

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