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Vera Messing and Dorottya Redai Quoted in Bloomberg

Our Research Fellows, Vera Messing and Dorottya Rédai were quoted in the Bloomberg article covering the Budapest Pride and the Hungarian government’s crackdown on LGBTQ rights.

“It’s turned into a symbol, for people who are fed up with the government. (…) We expected some public reaction, but at the volume it came, we were surprised. We were accused of corrupting children,” said Dorottya Redai, referring to the anthology Fairyland Is For Everyone (she was one of its publishers).

Orban is “playing with the deepest fears. (…) A country with an autocratic leader works by creating enemies. They incite hatred against different vulnerable groups of people: the Jews, the Roma, refugees, and now LGBTQ people,” she continued.

“Government officials have a huge responsibility when it comes to restraining or whipping up emotions, especially with all the pent-up angst and frustration from the pandemic,” said Vera Messing, adding that “that’s why it’s really dangerous to mix pedophilia and homosexuality because then you get the frightening scenes where homophobes suddenly feel empowered to act on their impulse.”

Read the full article here.

Cover photo: Wikimedia Commons / justinvandyke
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