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Vera Messing, Zsuzsanna Arendas: ‘I Was Told the Position Has Already Been Filled’ – Barriers to Mobility and Coping Strategies of Highly Qualified Roma Youth on Their Way to the Business Sector in Hungary

Our research fellows Vera Messing and Zsuzsanna Arendas wrote for the East European Journal of Society and Politics about the barriers to mobility and coping strategies of highly qualified Roma youth on their way to the business sector in Hungary.

Despite having a higher employment rate than the general Roma community, well-educated Roma youngsters have a skewed sectoral distribution that favors self-employment and the public sector over the private sector. The article investigates educational and career paths of educated Roma youth in Hungary as striving to enter quality employment in the business sector. Also, it looks into why there are so few educated Roma working in the business world, which has the greatest potential for occupational and social mobility. 

The researchers draws on a survey dataset of young educated Roma (N=381), as well as in-depth interviews with youngsters from the same group, to better understand how social mobility affects different individuals. Besides, by utilizing the Bourdesian theoretical lens, they focus on the importance of cultural habitus and its misrecognition in professional settings. Apart from examining failures, the article analyzes successful capital mobilizations of people pursuing or experiencing social mobility. 

Read the full article here.

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