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Violetta Zentai on Roma Integration in the EU

The Hungarian government did not take into account what criteria the EU thinks should be included in the national Roma strategy, Violetta Zentai, lead researcher of our Inequalities and Democracy Workgroup said to Qubit.

She referred to the fact that the Hungarian government sent its own strategy to Brussels in August 2020, without waiting for the criteria of the EU Framework Strategy.

The article also mentions the Roma Civil Monitor 2021-2025 project, implemented by a consortium led by the CEU Democracy Institute, and including European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network (ERGO Network), Fundacion Secretariado Gitano (FSG) and European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC).

"The reports on the national strategies evaluated by the consortium and the consultations with governments led to the country strategy evaluations," she said. "The strategies have only just been published by the countries and they have had to be evaluated in just a few months, with hardly anything having been done," she continued.

Read the full article (in Hungarian) here.

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