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Webinar Series: Constitutional Populism

The research project Constitutional Populism: Friend or Foe of Constitutional Democracy, led by the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), organized a series of webinars co-hosted by the DI and the Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law.


Ruling By Cheating

April 26, 2022

Our Senior Research Fellow Andras Sajo joined the leaders of the project, Adam Czarnota (UNSW Sydney) and our Senior Research Fellow Martin Krygier with guest panelist Rosalind Dixon (UNSW Sydney) for a discussion about his book, which centers on analyzing the constitutional system of illiberal democracies and illiberal phenomena in ‘mature democracies’ that are justified in the name of ‘the will of the people’, to explain that this drift to mild despotism is not authoritarianism, but an abuse of constitutionalism.

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Constitutional Imaginaries

June 8, 2022

Jiri Priban (Cardiff University) joined Adam Czarnota, Martin Krygier and Wojciech Sadurski (UNSW Sydney) to discuss his book Constitutional Imaginaries: A Theory of European Societal Constitutionalism. The book addresses the sociology of imagined communities and the philosophy of modern social imaginaries in the context of transnational European constitutionalism and its recent theories, most notably the theory of societal constitutions. It offers a new approach to the legal constitutions as societal power formations evolving at national, European and global levels.

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A Pandemic of Populists

October 12, 2022

Wojciech Sadurski (University of Sydney) discussed the book A Pandemic of Populists with Adam Czarnota, Martin Krygier and Pola Cebulak (University of Amsterdam). The book eschews simplistic notions of a unified global populism, and instead unpacks the diversity and plurality of populisms. It highlights the variety of constitutional and extraconstitutional strategies that populists have used to undermine the institutional fabric of liberal democracy, and investigates how ruling populists have responded to the Covid-19 crisis. 

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Populism and Civil Society

December 2, 2022

Andrew Arato (New School for Social ResearchÖ and Jean Cohen (Columbia University) discussed their book Populism and Civil Society: The Challenge to Constitutional Democracy with Adam Czarnota, Martin Krygier and Wojciech Sadurski.

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Democracy Unmoored

June 27, 2023

Samuel Issacharoff (New York University) discussed his book Democracy Unmoored: Populism and the Corruption of Popular Sovereignty with Adam Czarnota, Martin Krygier and Wojciech Sadurski. The book focuses on populism’s attack on the institutions of governance, and has been described as providing a ‘powerful new account of how populist movements are sabotaging political institutions from within and undermining democracies across the globe’. 

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