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Will the Orban Regime Survive or Fall?

On April 3, 2022 Hungary will have a nationwide election, for the third time in the Orban regime. None of the previous two elections could be considered as fair. by international monitoring agencies For the first time over the past 12 year, however, the opposition parties are not fragmented but united. They run together presenting one candidate in every electoral district vis-a-vis the incumbent Fidesz candidate, and also they put together a common list which seems to have similar chance to win as the Fidesz list.

In a truly exceptional situation, at the time of Covid-19 pandemic and in the shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the outcome of the elections is more uncertain than ever. Reliable public opinion polls can hardly be made when preferences might be changing overnight. Our invited experts, Andras Bozoki (Research Affiliate, CEU Democracy Institute; Professor, CEU Department of Political Science), Jennifer McCoy (Research Affiliate, CEU Democracy Institute; Professor, Georgia State University; Non-Resident Scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), Carolina Plescia (Assistant Professor, University of Vienna), and moderator Zoltan Miklosi (Research Affiliate, CEU Democracy Institute; Associate Professor, CEU Department of Political Science) discussed the chance of survival or fall of Orbán's competitive authoritarian regime which survived in the European Union for more than a decade and which needs to reorganize its policies at times of war and economic decline.

The event was co-organized with the CEU Department of Political Science.

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