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Zsolt Enyedi on Whether the EU Could Kick a Member State Out

“I don’t think Orban will ever voluntarily leave the EU primarily because of financial reasons,” our Research Affiliate Zsolt Enyedi said to Euronews. However, he thinks “he can create a situation when the EU will have no choice but to expel Hungary.”

“Many of the rating agencies that monitor quality of democracy consider Hungary to be a non-democracy, and they do this because of various facts on the ground,” he continued, adding that “if Orban continues down this road, there will be a point where it will be blatantly obvious that we have a Putin-style — although not violent but in terms of ideology and mentality — regime within the EU and then the EU will have to say no to this.”

“During the last few years, the rules and regulations were changed in such a way that virtually all decision-makers — those who rule over the judiciary, prosecution, the election commission, media, sport, entertainment, universities, and any sector of life you can think of — have offices that last eight, 10, 12 years or sometimes for life,” he said. “These people will keep deciding what matters,” and continue to “do what Orban wants,” he argued.

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Photo: European Union, 2019 / Jennifer Jacquemart
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