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Here you'll find all the audiovisual content (podcasts and videos) produced by the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers.

Statelessness and the Global Political Order

RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo discusses with Mira Siegelberg her latest book “Statelessness”, the story of a much-contested legal category.

Corrective Power of the Populists

Do populists pose a threat to constitutional democracy? Are populists always the villains in our tales about democracy? Bojan Bugaric answers these questions in a conversation with Kasia Krzyzanowska.

What Are the Sources of Democratic Legitimacy?

Elias Buchetmann talks to Till van Rahden about his latest book Demoracy: A Fragile Way of Life, which focuses on the history of democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany.

“Our Society Creates a Tremendous Amount of Opportunities for Corruption”

The online roundtable organized by CEU Democracy Institute sought answers to questions like how democracy can serve voters rather than elites when corruption is systemic, or how democratic institutions can be maintained in the face of opposition from corrupt elites.

The Parliamentary Elites in Latin America (PELA) Project

Saskia Ruth-Lovell and Steven Van Hauwaert discuss elite surveys and how they can be utilized to measure populism.

“Do the People Feel That Democracy Is Delivering for Them?”

It is the different levels of plurality that characterizes California and Hungary, Lieutenant Governor of California Eleni Kounalakis, former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary said in a conversation with Michael Ignatieff, President and Rector of CEU.

How the U.S. Decided to Lead the World

RevDem Editor Ferenc Laczo spoke to Stephen Wertheim about his new book, Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of US Global Diplomacy.

The PopuList

Matthijs Rooduijn introduces and discusses his co-authored project, which classifies (amongst others) radical and populist parties on the left and the right. He shows us around the website and explain how we can use the data.

EU Rule of Law Case-Law: Crucial Recent Developments

Co-organized with re:constitution and RECONNECT, the first public event of CEU Democracy Institute’s Rule of Law Working Group allowed key DI experts engaged with the case-law to outline the bigger picture, while focusing on crucial details. 

New Podcast: Dangerous Religions

The third episode of the Sleepwalking Through the Assault on Democracy series, produced in cooperation with the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (JHGC) focuses on “dangerous religions.”