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Here you'll find all the audiovisual content (podcasts and videos) produced by the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers.

Dorottya Redai on the Book Project "Fairyland is for Everyone"

Dorottya Redai talks about "Fairyland is for Everyone," a volume containing fairy tales by contemporary authors with diverse characters from various marginalized or disadvantaged groups.

2021’s End of Year Special

RevDem editors Laszlo Bruszt, Oliver Garner, Kasia Krzyzanowska, Ferenc Laczo, and Michal Matlak discuss their favorite RevDem content, as well as the year’s highlights and the most significant developments of the year.

The Diplomacy of Genocide and the Sinister Ambition of Permanent Security

Dirk Moses in the second part of his conversation with Ferenc Laczo on the diplomacy of genocide and the deeply sinister ambitions of permanent security.

The Problems of Genocide

Dirk Moses in conversation with Ferenc Laczo on his last book “The Problems of Genocide. Permanent Security and the Language of Transgression”.

Future of Europe: It’s Not About Treaty Change, It’s About European Democracy

Michal Matlak interviews Alberto Alemanno in the aftermath of the publication of the first batch of recommendations coming from the Conference on the Future of Europe Citizens’ Panel.

Interest Representation in Illiberal Times

Did you miss the lecture by Rafael Labanino on how democratic backsliding affects interest representation and intermediation? Watch it now.

The Idea of Race Across Centuries and Our Current Moment of Reckoning

Marius Turda in conversation with Ferenc Laczo about A Cultural History of Race.

Conservative Radicalism in Europe and Transformations in Higher Education

Did you miss the lecture by Dorit Geva on how conservatism and far-right radicalism are merging in the space of intellectual production in Europe? Watch it now.

The New Czech Government and the Perspectives for Central Europe

Did you miss our event co-organized with our journal, the Review of Democracy and Democracy Seminar? Watch it now!

Values, Rights and Principles in EU Law

Did you miss our event "Values, Rights and Principles in EU Law" with Lucia Serena Rossi, Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union and Professor at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Law? Watch it now!