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Here you'll find all the audiovisual content (podcasts and videos) produced by the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers.

Illiberalism in Power: What Impact on Educational and Cultural Policies?

Peter Rado and our Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Balint Mikola discussed their working paper Illiberalism in Power: Educational and Cultural Politices, with our Research Affiliate Agnes Kende and our Senior Research Fellow Zsolt Enyedi.

Andrea Peto: Connecting Conversations on Antisemitism, Holocaust, Gender, and Colonialism

Our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto gave a talk at CEU in Vienna addressing the relationship among antisemitism, the Holocaust, colonialism, and gender. It is is based on the collaborative OSUN network course taught together with David Feldman (Birkbeck, University of London), Yair Wallach (School of African and Oriental Studies), Merle Williams, and Adam Levin, PHD (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg).

Discussing the History of the Present with Andreas Rödder

The panelists of this online event discussed Andreas Rödder’s recent book 21.1. Eine kurze Geschichte der Gegenwart (21.1. A Brief History of the Present).

New Podcast: Bálint Madlovics and Bálint Magyar: The Russia-Ukraine War, Volumes 1-2

In the latest episode of the Author Spotlight Series of the CEU Press Podcast, host Bálint Madlovics sat down for a fascinating discussion on the impact of the war on Ukraine’s patronal democracy, with his co-editor Bálint Magyar and with Oksana Huss, Mikhail Minakov and Kálmán Mizsei, who all contributed to the new volumes from CEU Press on the Russia-Ukraine War.

New Podcast: Political Polarization: Have We Got It Wrong?

Our Senior Research Fellow Andreas Schedler joined Petra Alderman to discuss political polarization in the latest episode of the People, Power, Politics podcast series.

Webinar Series: Constitutional Populism

The research project Constitutional Populism: Friend or Foe of Constitutional Democracy, led by the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), organized a series of webinars co-hosted by the DI and the Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law.

Balkan Csárdás: Hungarian Foreign Policy Dance

Did you miss our discussion co-organized with Political Capital, and the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID), on Hungary's foreign policy in the Western Balkans? Watch the recording.

Nationalism, Populism, and the Politics of Religion. Towards an Illiberal Reframing of Fundamental Rights

Did you miss the lecture by Professor Susanna Mancini under our Organised religion, constitutions and democratic backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe project? Read a summary or watch it now.

Budapest Forum 2023: From the War in Ukraine to Disinformation, Democratic Renewal and EU Funds

The Budapest Forum, co-organized by the Political Capital, the CEU Democracy Institute, and the Municipality of Budapest, featured contributions from leading politicians and foreign policy experts, and was formally opened by internationally acclaimed Canadian author Margaret Atwood. 

New Podcast: Standing Up to the Assault on Democracy with Patrick Desbois

In this episode host Mdu Ntuli and his regular guests, Tali Nates, Bjorn Krondorfer, our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto, and Steven Carr talk with father Patrick Desbois.