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Democracy Podcasts


CEU Democracy Institute  podcasts feature interviews and discussions about cutting-edge research in the field of democratic theory, processes of de- and re-democratization and other topics on the Institute’s research agenda.  Researchers at the Institute and its Review of Democracy (RevDem) also provide additional readings and comments for opportunities of deepening knowledge on the specific topic,  making it ideal for both curriculum development and individual study. 

An Authoritarian Liberal Europe?

RevDem editor Oliver Garner interviews Michael Wilkinson on his latest book, ‘Authoritarian Liberalism and the Transformation of Modern Europe’.

New Podcast: Dangerous Medicine

The fifth episode of the Sleepwalking Through the Assault on Democracy series, produced in cooperation with the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (JHGC) focuses on “dangerous medicine.”

Christian Democracy That Can Counter Right-wing Populists

RevDem Assistant Editor Vilius Kubekas in conversation with Carlo Invernizzi Accetti, the author of the book “What is Christian Democracy? Politics, Religion and Ideology”.

Will the EU Survive the Rise of Democratorships Within?

Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski in conversation with RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo on the new quality of politics in the Visegrad states.

The West’s Strategic Mistakes and Broken Resolve

RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo interviews Jonathan Holslag (Free University Brussels) about his new book “World Politics Since 1989” (Polity Press).

Culture Will Eat Strategy for Breakfast

On the occasion of the Budapest Forum “Building Sustainable Democracies”, RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo has interviewed speaker LaTosha Brown.

The Rule of Law – A Courtroom Drama

RevDem Oliver Garner discusses with Laurent Pech the ongoing tensions between Poland and the Court of Justice of the EU.

Konrad Jarausch on Realistic Progress

RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo interviewed historian Konrad H. Jarausch, Lurcy Professor of European Civilization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, about his latest book Embattled Europe: A Progressive Alternative, a rich and finely balanced portrait of contemporary Europe.

New Podcast: How Budapest Is Put On the Conference Map of the World

Our Co-Director Laszlo Bruszt, David Koranyi, Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Budapest on City Diplomacy, and Peter Kreko, Executive Director of Political Capital Institute talk about the Budapest Forum.

The US’ Attempt To Humanize Its Imperial Burden

RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo in conversation with Samuel Moyn (Yale University) about his book “Humane. How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War”.