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Democracy Podcasts


CEU Democracy Institute  podcasts feature interviews and discussions about cutting-edge research in the field of democratic theory, processes of de- and re-democratization and other topics on the Institute’s research agenda.  Researchers at the Institute and its Review of Democracy (RevDem) also provide additional readings and comments for opportunities of deepening knowledge on the specific topic,  making it ideal for both curriculum development and individual study. 

Statelessness and the Global Political Order

RevDem editor Ferenc Laczo discusses with Mira Siegelberg her latest book “Statelessness”, the story of a much-contested legal category.

Corrective Power of the Populists

Do populists pose a threat to constitutional democracy? Are populists always the villains in our tales about democracy? Bojan Bugaric answers these questions in a conversation with Kasia Krzyzanowska.

What Are the Sources of Democratic Legitimacy?

Elias Buchetmann talks to Till van Rahden about his latest book Demoracy: A Fragile Way of Life, which focuses on the history of democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany.

How the U.S. Decided to Lead the World

RevDem Editor Ferenc Laczo spoke to Stephen Wertheim about his new book, Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of US Global Diplomacy.

New Podcast: Dangerous Religions

The third episode of the Sleepwalking Through the Assault on Democracy series, produced in cooperation with the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (JHGC) focuses on “dangerous religions.”

“I Won’t Remain Silent”: Interview on Human Rights Activism in Hungary

Vera Mero, Hungarian journalist, media researcher, human rights activist discusses representation, popularization, internal conflicts and successes, and challenges related to human rights activism in Hungary.

Populism and Antipopulism: Beyond the Post-1989 Paradigm

Petr Agha discusses the clash between populism and antipopulism, and the implications for Europe, in conversation with Oliver Garner.

Rule of Law Is Not Like IKEA Furniture

What is the societal dimension of the rule of law? How can we improve democracy on the European Union level? Is there a place for citizens engagement in design of the Conference on the Future of Europe?

“The Future Cannot be Stopped”

In the latest Review of Democracy interview, assistant editor Bence Bari and Lili Rutai, Hungarian journalist and podcaster discuss the representation and the popularization of feminism in Hungary.

New Podcast: Hybrid Journalism

In the final episode of the CMDS podcast series Down, but Not Out Dumitrita Holdis and Justin Spike discuss with Monia ben Hamadi, editor-in chief of Inkyfada and CMDS Director Marius Dragomir an increasingly popular funding strategy for small, independent media organizations: hybrid business models.