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Here you'll find all the audiovisual content (podcasts and videos) produced by the CEU Democracy Institute and its researchers.

Voters Turn Towards Symbolic Personalities When They Are Disappointed with Political Parties

Zsolt Enyedi discusses party cooperation with Danica Fink-Hafner, professor and Head of the Political Science Research Program at University of Ljubljana, and expert on party politics, European integration, nation-building, interest-representation and democratization.

Democracy Depends on Those Who Are Harder to Fool

In this conversation with RevDem editor Ferenc Laczó, Daniel Treisman discusses how ‘spin dictatorships’ differ from ‘fear dictatorships’; why such a new form of dictatorship has emerged and spread in recent decades.

A Global History of Hungary

In this conversation with Bence Bari and Orsolya Sudár, editors Ferenc Laczó and Bálint Varga and contributor Dóra Vargha discuss the new volume A Global History of Hungary, 1869-2022.

Free Speech, Equality, and Tolerance Are Mutually Reinforcing

In this conversation with RevDem editor Ferenc Laczó, Jacob Mchangama discusses central ideas of his new monograph Free Speech: A Global History from Socrates to Social Media.

Ghostwriting the European Union

In a conversation with Kasia Krzyzanowska, Professor Tommaso Pavone discusses his newly published book The Ghostwriters. Lawyers and the Politics behind the Judicial Construction of Europe.

The Troubled History of Western Humanitarianism

In this conversation with guest contributor Nikola Pantić, Davide Rodogno discusses his new book Night on Earth: A History of International Humanitarianism in the Near East, 1918-1930.

How To Avoid Further Escalation?

In this conversation with RevDem editor Ferenc Laczó, Wolfgang Merkel describes key decisions and non-decisions of the new German government led by Olaf Scholz and addresses the question of continuities with the Merkel era.

New Podcast: Dangerous Fakes

The ninth episode of the series focuses on how anti-democratic forces use fakes, counterfeits, forgeries, and other forms of distortion and manipulation to undermine public confidence in democratic structures and norms.

Imperialism in Russian Literature

In this conversation with Kasia Krzyzanowska, Professor Ewa Thompson discusses the imperialistic features of the Russian Federation.

The State of the Rule of Law in the USA and the EU

In this interview, RevDem Editor Oliver Garner converses with Niels Kirst about the state of the Rule of Law in the USA and the EU.