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book chapters

Book Chapters

Here you’ll find the book chapters written by DI researchers.

Armin Langer, Zoltan Adam and Andras Bozoki: Religion and Authoritarian Legitimacy

In a new book chapter co-authored with Armin Langer and Zoltan Adam, our Research Affiliate Andras Bozoki analyzed the Pentecostal Faith Church's links to the Orban regime.

Andrea Peto: Fragen der historischen Untersuchung von Vergewaltigung im Krieg (Questions in the Historical Study of Rape in War)

A study on the questions of the historical study of rape in war, written by our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto, was published in German in the volume Geschlecht & Gewalt. Künstlerisch-wissenschaftliche Perspektiven.

Matthijs Bogaards: Democratic Decline, Autocratic Deepening, and the Rise of Anti- Gender Politics

Our Research Affiliate Matthijs Bogaards authored a chapter on the rise of anti-gender politics in a new volume entitled Geschlecht & Gewalt. Künstlerisch-wissenschaftliche Perspektiven.

Zsolt Czigányik: Utopia in Eastern Central Europe – the Hungarian Scene

Our Research Fellow Zsolt Czigányik authored a chapter for the new volume The Oxford Handbook of Thomas More's Utopia, edited by Cathy Shrank and Phil Withington (Oxford University Press , 2023).

Mark Tushnet, Dimitry Kochenov (eds.): Research Handbook on the Politics of Constitutional Law

The Research Handbook on the Politics of Constitutional Law, edited by Mark Tushnet and Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher of our Rule of Law Workgroup, deals with the politics of constitutional law around the world.

Ferenc Laczo, Andras Vadas, Balint Varga (eds.): The Global History of Hungary. From the Beginnings to 1868

The second Hungarian-language volume co-edited by Ferenc Laczo, Editor of our Review of Democracy, is a major attempt to rethink the history of Hungary.

Zsolt Cziganyik: Utópiák után, utópiák ellen (After Utopias, Against Utopias)

The chapter of our Research Fellow Zsolt Cziganyik discusses the origins of the genre of dystopia, its relationship to utopia and anti-utopia, and the role of interpretation in the definition of the genre.

David Karas, Pinar E. Donmez: Crises of Authoritarian Financialization: Monetary Policy in Hungary and Türkiye in the Polycrisis

In their chapter in Central Banking in a Post-Pandemic World our Post-doctoral Fellow David Karas and Pinar E. Donmez explain “the consolidation of inflationary and disinflationary monetary policies with differences in debt profiles, social blocs, and external financing conditions.”

Balazs Trencsenyi: Thinking Dangerously: Political Thought in Twentieth-Century East Central Europe

The lead researcher of our Democracy in History Workgroup, Balazs Trencsenyi focuses on the transformation of political languages in his chapter in The Routledge History Handbook of Central and Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century Volume 3: Intellectual Horizons.

Andrea Krizsan, Conny Roggeband: Feminist Governance in the Field of Violence Against Women: The Case of the Istanbul Convention

The chapter in the Handbook of Feminist Governance by Andrea Krizsan, lead researcher of our Inequalities and Democracy Workgroup, and Conny Roggeband discusses the governance of violence against women in three parts.