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book chapters

Book Chapters

Here you’ll find the book chapters written by DI researchers.

Marius Dragomir: Media Capture and Its Contexts: Developing a Comparative Framework for Public Service Media

In his book chapter co-authored with Minna Aslama Horowitz, Marius Dragomir, DI's Senior Program Manager creates a framework for analyzing media capture and its impact on Public Service Media.

Andrea Peto: Politics of Memory in Edith Bruck's Three Visits to Tiszakarád

In her book chapter DI Researcher Andrea Peto reflects upon the three visits of Edith Bruck, Holocaust survivor and author of several books, to her former hometown in rural Hungary.

Andrea Peto: Shame Revisited in the Memory Politics of Illiberal States

In her chapter published in the book Shame! and Masculinity, DI Researcher Andrea Peto analyzes how illiberal memory politics uses the concept of shame in creating new political citizenship.

Anti-Genderism in Europe

The book Anti-Genderism in Europe features chapters from DI researchers Andrea Peto and Andras Bozoki, and also Erzsebet Barat, Visiting Professor at CEU Department of Gender Studies.