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Here you’ll find all the books written or edited by DI researchers.

Cesare Cuttica, Laszlo Kontler: Crisis and Renewal in the History of European Political Thought

The volume, edited by Cesare Cuttica and our Research Affiliate Laszlo Kontler, and published as part of the History of European Political and Constitutional Thought series by Brill, explores the complex theme of crisis in European political thought from antiquity to the twenty-first century.

Andras Sajo: Ruling by Cheating – Governance in Illiberal Democracy

The new book of our Senior Research Fellow, Andras Sajo, has been published by Cambridge University Press.

Andrea Peto: Speaking of the Unspeakable

The book of our Research Affiliate, Andrea Peto takes on the challenge of telling the story of sexual violence against women by German, Soviet and Hungarian soldiers in Hungary during World War II.

Zsolt Enyedi, Fernando Casal Bertoa: Party System Closure

Oxford University Press publishes the new book of Zsolt Enyedi, Lead Researcher of our De-/Re-Democratization Workgroup, co-authored with Fernando Casal Bertoa, entitled Party System Closure - Party Alliances, Government Alternatives, and Democracy in Europe.

Anna Fejos, Dorottya Szikra: Women’s NGOs in Illiberal Democracies

Edited by our researchers, Anna Fejos and Dorottya Szikra, the new volume explores the changing landscape of civil society and women's organizations in illiberal democracies.

Andrea Krizsan: Routledge Handbook of Gender and EU Politics

The Routledge Handbook of Gender and EU Politics, co-edited by our Research Fellow, Andrea Krizsan, maps the expanding field of gender and EU politics.

Balint Magyar, Balint Madlovics: The Anatomy of Post-Communist Regimes

The book of Balint Magyar and Balint Madlovics, that offers a single, coherent framework of the political, economic, and social phenomena that characterize post-communist regimes, has been made open access.

Andrea Peto: The Forgotten Massacre

The book discusses a formerly unknown and invisible massacre in Budapest in 1944, committed by a paramilitary group lead by a women.