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DI in the Press

Researchers of the CEU Democracy Institute are often interviewed by the press. Find their quotes below.

Andrea Peto on Similarities Between Hungary and Israel

There is a system in which illiberal forces take over democratic countries, our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto said in an interview with Haaretz.

Laszlo Kontler on CEU in Budapest

“Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we cannot populate this beautiful and modern environment with our own students,” our Research Affiliate Laszlo Kontler, CEU’s Pro-Rector for Budapest said to Nepszava.

Violetta Zentai on Roma Integration in the EU

The Hungarian government did not take into account what criteria the EU thinks should be included in the national Roma strategy, Violetta Zentai, lead researcher of our Inequalities and Democracy Workgroup said to Qubit.

Andrea Peto on Why Gender Will Be a Key Battleground in Israel's Fight Against the Illiberal State

“In Hungary, Russia and Turkey, exhausted activists fight a repressive, powerful state for basic rights they used to take for granted. Israel's progressive forces should learn from their experience,” our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto writes in her op-ed in Haaretz.

Renata Uitz on What 2023 Holds for Advocates of Constitutional Democracy

“Illiberal power-grabbing techniques are becoming routine in government, almost normalized around the world,” our Co-director Renata Uitz writes in her op-ed in Magyar Narancs.

Laszlo Bruszt on the Right to Strike

The Hungarian Constitutional Court’s ruling turns teachers' right to strike into a right to beg, our Co-director Laszlo Bruszt writes in his op-ed on Merce.

Andrea Peto on Illiberalism in Israel

The concept of gender functions as a symbolic binder, i.e. it is the area where illiberal forces define what is the new normal, what is "acceptable." They do this by excluding groups from society through hatred, our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto said in an interview with Izraelinfo.

Alexander Bor on Discriminatory Attitudes Against Unvaccinated

“There is growing tension in society about who vaccinates and who doesn't, and what rules we make along those lines,” our Post-doctoral Fellow Alexander Bor said to Telex.

Andrea Peto on Sexual Education

"The concept of gender ideology is invented to create an enemy that doesn't really exist,” our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto said to BBC Serbia.

Zsuzsanna Arendas and Vera Messing on the Struggles of Roma in the Business Sector

Our Research Fellows, Zsuzsanna Arendas and Vera Messing summarized to Qubit the results of their research on what self-identified Roma workers with at least a high school diploma or a degree face in the for-profit sector.