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Underground Slam Academy

Underground Slam Academy

The Underground Slam Academy is a knowledge-based, socially engaged slam space. Founder and editor in chief: Molnar Peter, Hungarian and European slam champion, writer, free speech scholar.

In the pandemic, online, afterwards thematic events will be organized in two acts:

  • First act: Performing slammers ask scientists in the CEU Auditorium.
  • Second act: Slam competition in Cafe Három Holló where you can be a jury member!

The themes will be new and new issues of climate change, incitement to hatred (which one will destroy the Earth more quickly), and freedom of speech. The competition on free speech will be also open for slams in any themes, with the title: What’s on your heart? We invite you to get on stage as a slammer! By sharing your stories in your words in 3 minutes, you participate in public discourse, the breathing space of democracy. Let slam empower you and live up to your right to free speech!

Check the Underground Slam Academy FB page for videos of previous events, and socially engaged daily slams, you can add your own choices!

Logo @morvai_peter, painting @Daniel Gantner