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Barbara Grabowska-Moroz: What Can Non-Governmental Organizations Do Within EU Procedures for Safeguarding the Rule of Law?

“The process of erosion of democracy and the rule of law […] has led to the involvement of the EU institutions in the process of protecting the values on which the EU […] is built,” our Post-doctoral Fellow Barbara Grabowska-Moroz writes in the Wiktor Osiatynski Archive’s special report Unleashing the Power of EU Law.

Edit Zgut-Przybylska: Orbán’s Informal Power: The EU’s Growing Assertiveness and Overlooking of Media Capture

“One of the absolute conditions of any type of democracy is that political power is not possessed and monopolized by one individual or a group,” our re:constitution Fellow Edit Zgut-Przybylska writes in the Wiktor Osiatynski Archive’s special report Unleashing the Power of EU Law.

Violetta Zentai: No Choice Between Fighting Antigypsism and the Expansion of Social Rights

“The fight for Roma equality is to be promoted by framing intervention strategies based both on the fight against antigypsyism and on the expansion of social rights, ideally in alliance with each other,” our Senior Research Fellow Violetta Zentai writes in The Progressive Post.

Judit Szakacs, Eva Bognar: Digital News Report - Hungary

This year’s Reuters Institute Digital News Report provides evidence that news audiences are becoming more dependent on digital and social platforms. Our researchers, Judit Szakacs and Eva Bognar wrote the chapter on Hungary.

Laurent Pech: The European Court of Justice’s Jurisdiction Over National Judiciary Related Measures

The study of our Senior Research Fellow Laurent Pech, requested by the EP’s AFCO Committee, focuses on the scope of the Court of Justice of the EU’s jurisdiction over national measures relating to the organization of national judiciaries.

Marek Hojsik: A Synthesis of Civil Society’s Reports on the Quality of the National Strategic Frameworks for Roma Equality, Inclusion, and Participation in the European Union

This document is based on the monitoring reports about the quality of EU Member States’ new post-2020 National Roma Strategic Frameworks developed by civil society organizations participating in the Roma Civil Monitor 2021-2025 (RCM) initiative.

Andrea Krizsan, Conny Roggeband: The Gendered Face of Democratic Backsliding

“It's tempting to see misogyny merely as a deviant trait of individual leaders. However, misogyny is a more general phenomenon in autocratizing regimes,” Andrea Krizsan, lead researcher of our Inequalities and Democracy Workgroup and Conny Roggeband write in their post on The Loop.

Zsolt Enyedi: Ideologies of Autocratization

In this first AUTHLIB Working Paper, our Senior Research Fellow Zsolt Enyedi explores the ideological modules of the recent wave of autocratization.

Marta Achler, Yves Doutriaux, Tamara Otiashvili, Andras Sajo: Urgent Interim Opinion on the Bill Amending the Act on the Supreme Court and Certain Other Acts of Poland

Our Senior Research Fellow Andras Sajo co-authored the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights report on the judicial independence in Poland.

Filip Milacic: Do European Voters Cling to Democracy Under All Circumstances?

Our Research Affiliate Filip Milacic argues in his post on LSE EUROPP Blog that democratic ideals can be overridden by partisan and group loyalties, which may cause voters to overlook the actions of politicians that undermine democracy.