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Marius Dragomir: Journalism and War: Bracing for Impact

Many journalists expect a fall in advertising revenue, the closure of media outlets and increasing government control over the media as a consequence of the war in Ukraine, Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) writes in his new report.

Renata Uitz: Hungary’s 2022 Elections: Prospects for Political and Constitutional Change

“An upcoming referendum in Hungary, coinciding with national elections, will test the popular support of Prime Minister Viktor Orban,” our Co-Director Renata Uitz writes in her article on ConstitutionNet.

Marius Dragomir: Why Is Iran Shaking up Its Media?

A major reform of Iran’s media is underway, but the strategy is a mess, Marius Dragomir, Director of our Center for Media, Data and Society writes in his article on MediaPowerMonitor.

Zsolt Enyedi: Orban’s Great Power Politics

“The specific statements he made on Ukraine, Brussels, Berlin and on the Balkans should be interpreted not as campaign slogans but as indications of how Orban actually sees the world,” Zsolt Enyedi, lead researcher of our De-/Re-Democratization Workgroup writes in his post on LSE’s EUROPP blog.

Laurent Pech, Petra Bard: The Commission's Rule of Law Report and the EU Monitoring and Enforcement of Article 2 TEU Values

The European Commission “should be mindful of deliberate attempts to deceive” its Annual Rule of Law Report by those “engaged in the systemic dismantlement of checks and balances and their proxies,” our researchers Laurent Pech and Petra Bard write in their study requested by the European Parliament's LIBE and AFCO Committees.

Robert Nemeth (ed.): Hungarian Capital in Foreign Media: Three Strategic Models of Influencing the Neighborhood

In collaboration with our Center for Media, Data and Society, the International Press Institute (IPI) published a new report on the investment of Hungarian capital in foreign media and the implications for the spread of Viktor Orban’s “illiberal” model of media control.

Robert Nemeth, Marius Dragomir: The Debunking Effect – Recent and Upcoming Challenges for Fact-Checking Organizations

The booklet collects the articles written by Robert Nemeth and Marius Dragomir, who showcase fact-checking organizations and their modus operandi, and also look into their future.

Petra Bard: The Sanctity of Preliminary References

“A national supreme court must not declare a request for a preliminary ruling by a lower court unlawful on the ground that the referred questions are irrelevant and unnecessary for the original case,” our Research Affiliate, Petra Bard writes in her post on Verfassungsblog.

New Report: Media Influence Matrix: United Kingdom

At the end of one year of research, our Center for Media, Data and Society published the final Media Influence Matrix: United Kingdom report, a comprehensive and timely overview of the UK media landscape.

Renata Uitz: Commission v Poland (C-204/21 R): Pulverizing the Primacy of EU Law

“As a matter of law, sovereigntist aspirations advocated by the Polish government and its allies are hardly compatible with the primacy of EU,” our Research Affiliate Renata Uitz writes in her post published by the Brexit Institute at Dublin City University.